Fund Opportunity

T Group’s Property Fund (the Fund) invites investors to participate in a conservative fund focusing on development opportunities in the Prime Central London residential markets.

Investors have the choice to place their funds either directly under the management of T Group Property or to transfer the funds to a designated trust account held by Barclays Bank or an equivalent international bank of preference.

We accept investments from between £25M-£500M, targeting high-net worth individuals or institutions on a closed end fund of seven years with the opportunity to co-invest being made available.

Prior to the purchase of any property, the investors and/or trustees will receive a due diligence report which details the full rationale for investing in a project including all development purchase costs and an estimated return provided by the valuer. The investors and/or trustees will have the right to participate with each scheme.

To enhance returns T Group Property will arrange funding with a Bank at a maximum leverage of 50%. As properties are sold, profits may be re-invested into different projects until an investor determines their overall investment.

A quarterly report is sent to the investor and/or trustee which will be valued by an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors, usually Cushman and Wakefield or CBRE.